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Difference between Sexual and Sensual massage Las Vegas

Sensual massage Las Vegas, well, by the books, any massage is sensual. The touch of the therapist please sense your skin and muscles and relax your entire body. Thus the massage is absolutely supposed to be sensual.


sensual massage las vegasBut, there is definitely a difference between sensual and sexual concepts of massage. It is all about intentions. Sexual massage is a sensual massage with sexual intentions. But the sensual massage Las Vegas is relaxing and pleasant touches with no sexual intentions. Well, for many people, it is not so easy to draw a clear line between those two. So some therapists just avoid the whole issue and stick to the 100 percent clinical massage. But, by doing so, these therapists are just ignoring the sensual aspect of the massage, the enjoyment of being gently touched. Most of my clients indeed want to experience the both clinical and sensual sides of the massage. So, how do you distinguish between clinical and sensual massage Las Vegas?

For the first few months of my career, I was determined to give my clients 100 percent clinical treatment. If my client had knots, I would concentrate on them for quite a while so that those would be gone in less than three sessions. If my client had stiff shoulders I would manipulate the muscles in really awesome yoga stretching ways. But as soon as the course sessions were finished, my old clients would not come back for one session to relieve their stress.

I was wondering why I did not have that many return clients. Luckily, I had one very honest client who made me realize that I was just giving them “too much” pain. Both the “good pain” and “torture pain”. He said however he knew that all the pain and everything was for his sake, he just wished the session would end as fast as possible so that he would not come again!

I understood that massage is not all about releasing knots, but a beautiful blend of sensuality and biology that let the clients experience the exact right blissful feeling of the perfect sensual massage Las Vegas.

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