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Testimonials 1:

I just wanted to say “thanks” for the best massage of my life. I really enjoyed it and I will be back soon.

Testimonials 2:

Your massage was the Best in Las Vegas!
-Luis & Barbara (Mexico)

Testimonials 3:

Yes, she does give a therapeutic massage. She asked about soreness and tightness before she started. She worked out the knots. She worked hard and I could tell she is highly trained. The massage she gave was all about pleasing me. No, upsell or anything like that, No problem giving her an extra tip.
-Robert B

Testimonials 4:

I come to Vegas all the time for business. After the long plane ride and sitting in meetings all day, I really could use a massage to relax. I have had about 10 messages from Tess so far. She really gives a great massage. I call to schedule an appointment and she always arrives on time. This message is a must if you need to unwind in Las Vegas.
-Jason C.

Testimonials 5:

“Tess you are very talented and you know that, thank you!”…
Peter, TX

Testimonials 6:

Every time we are in Las Vegas we call Tess for a couple’s massage. The last time was our wedding day and we loved it….

Testimonials 7:

My wife and I come to Las Vegas every 2 months and one of the things we look most forward to is a massage from Tess…
Zack&Tony, San Diego

Testimonials 8:

What I can say, this girl has a really nice touch…
Kevin, FL

Testimonials 9:

“…My boyfriend was very impressed with his massage therapist who much to his amazement walked on his back and was able to really get to all his main areas of tension. My Therapist was equally as skilled and adjusted her pressure perfectly for me. We both felt fantastic afterward with all our kinks and creases ironed out. A great start to the weekend and will definitely be calling back!”
Nadia, UK

Testimonials 10:

I have been seeing Tess 5 years in a row, and it is The Best massage I’ve ever had, hands down…
David. NJ


I visit Las Vegas every year and it can be very difficult to find a good masseuse. When you call different numbers at different places you never know what to expect and usually in-room massage services you need to be sure that you are safe and receive good service. With Tess, I am always in good hands.
Steve, NY


I had a deep tissue back, neck, and shoulder massage and awarded it 5 stars!
John, Canada


Excellent! She was highly recommended by one of my friends 3 years ago and since then, I see her every time when I am in Las Vegas… and I heard, she is always booked…
Gary, IL.

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