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My Massage Las Vegas

My Massage Las Vegas – Best option for muscle relaxation

My Massage Las Vegas

my massage las vegas

My Massage Las Vegas. Usually, having MY massage Las Vegas should be on the top of your itinerary, not just because it’s Vegas, but for your health! You are probably overworking your muscles by participating in trade shows, conventions, or walking at the strip for a whole day while shopping, or even just partying too much.

A nice one-hour relaxing my massage Las Vegas when you in Vegas after a busy day would fill you up with brimming energy for the next day’s adventures.

My Massage Las Vegas not only feels good, but also reduces pain and help your muscles recover. Travel itself is one long exercise. You go there and do this and that and you go to another place and do this and that. Your body is exhausted! Your muscles need proper rest! But can massage be a really help?

For a long time, my massage Las Vegas therapists and athletes have asserted that massage alleviates inflammation, stimulates blood flow and relieves tight muscles. But until now, there has not been any proven study on massage’s beneficial effect on muscles.

Recently, a study have found what exactly happens to muscle when it is massaged.

Eleven young men participated in this study. First, the researchers biopsied one leg of each participant to get muscle tissue for analysis when the muscle is at rest. In second step, the participants exercised on stationary bicycle for more than an hour. Until they almost cannot move their legs. Then the therapists massaged only one thigh of each participants for ten minutes. Directly after the massage, researchers biopsied both massaged and unmassaged thigh muscles in each leg. After three hours of rest, they biopsied the same muscles to examine the process of muscle injury and its recovery as any kind of intense exercise causes tears and injury in muscles causing inflammation.

From the biopsies, the researchers found that the massage when you in Las Vegas decreased the production of compounds that causes inflammation. Also it increased the production of compounds that promotes cell function. See a full research here.

So, my massage Las Vegas basically serves as painkiller and anti-inflammatory. But massage works rather differently from those kinds of drugs. The drugs reduce inflammation and pain but actually slow the healing process. But massage in Las Vegas can do the both task. Itreduces the pain and inflammation and increases cell recovery.

If you are feeling pain in your muscles, it means you overworked it and it needs help. But as you can see from the research, popping in an aspirin is not the best solution as it delays the healing process which might be harmful for you in the long run. So, why not call us and have professional massage when you in Las Vegas. I guarantee that this sixty minutes will be the highlight of your day! You will absolutely love it!