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Nuru massage Las Vegas by Beautiful Tess

Nuru Massage Las Vegas by Tess, Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Nuru massage Las Vegas is one of the most exotic and exciting massages we offer. It is truly a treat for your sensations and relaxation. For those who are familiar with Nuru massage, we assure you that our masseuses will be the best nuru massage practitioners. For those who are not clear about what nuru massage las vegas are, here is how it works!

What is Nuru massage?

nuru massage las vegas

Nuru means “slippery” in japan and, obviously, it originated in Japan for ultimate relaxation. Nuru uses odorless nuru massage gel made from seaweed or aloe (which are golden for your skin). Basically, the masseuse applies the gel to your back and spread it with her hands. Then she will do the rest of the massage using her entire body. With intimate human touch, it will trigger strong tactile sensations in your body that relieves stress and anxiety.

How does Nuru massage work?

Before the actual session, it is best if you have a bath or shower with or without the masseuse getting ready for the Nuru massage Las Vegas. After the bath, the masseuse will take you to bed. The bed will be covered with a special sheet preventing it from getting oily. The masseuse will be dressed in a bikini for the most possible physical contact. During the first half of the session, you will lie on your belly and the masseuse will work on your back, buttocks, legs, and feet, using her entire body. You could ask her to work on specific muscles if you want. The second half of the session will continue while you are lying on your back. Again, the masseuse will use her entire body as she does the first half.

All our masseuses have their own styles and techniques. Our Nuru therapists are all licensed and have great qualifications. You can trust them completely, and just sit back and enjoy the soft caring touches of the lovely masseuse.

There are numerous studies showing the power of physical contact when it comes to stress, anxiety, and depression. You already know how great it feels to have regular massages, like Swedish or deep tissue massages. Caring yet strong touches help you get rid of those knots in your muscles. Imagine how amazing and loving it would be to have a lovely masseuse work with her entire body to give you the most relaxing and exotic experience of your life!

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