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Las Vegas Asian Massage Treatment for your Back and Neck

Las Vegas asian massage  is here to help technology lovers get rid of their “tech injuries”, injuries in back, neck, and arms. The study conducted in 2014 shows that in US, people spend 444 minutes (7.4 hours!!!) a day using computer, smartphones, tablets, televisions, and other such devices. Sadly, this is just average number. People who work at office, sending mails, searching for info, reading lengthy it for 12 hours. Isn’t it absolutely crazy!?

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No doubt that technology has been making our everyday lives easier, faster, and efficient, but more and more people are getting affected by its drawbacks. There is this thing called “repetitive use injury”, and by stretching our necks to see the screen better, having our forearms positioned like T.rex all the time while typing, having wrong sitting, or even lying posture when using laptops, we are overusing certain muscles which get injured slowly, and eventually develops into chronic pain and injuries.

So, how can Las Vegas asian massage help this issue.

Massage therapy can:

  1. Reduce postural imbalance
  2. Reduce inflammation in tissues
  3. Treat nerve compression that is caused by posture

There are tons of benefits to have well balanced posture. Because of bad posture, the pelvis usually gets asymmetric and causes back pain. Also, forward head posture causes immense neck and upper back pain. If you feel your muscles between your shoulder blades getting tight or stretched when you look down, as if you are trying to reach your chin to your upper chest, that means you have some serious error in your head posture.

Also, the pain in your lower back might be related to the shortening of muscles in the abdomen and chest. If your back hurts when you do ab workouts, that simply means your back muscles are working really really hard instead of your abdomen muscles which are too weak to support your whole body. Las Vegas Asian massage is really beneficial to these kind of pains, the massage relieves the pain by easing the muscles.

The pain in your muscles could be resulted from really anything. So, in order to give you the best massage, you have to have your physician’s diagnosis. Las Vegas asian massage therapists can roughly assess what’s going on with your muscles, but you have to have your physician’s diagnosis so that we could be 100 percent sure that the treatment we choose really is for you. But, of course, if you just want o have have full body relaxing Las Vegas asian massage session, then we don’t need any diagnosis, just your exhausted body!

About reducing inflammation in tissues, massage is the best option for it. The study conducted in 2012 clearly states that, for inflammations in muscles, like small tears in muscles due to over usage in both long and short periods of time, massage works better than any painkillers and anti-inflammatory pills for muscles. You can find the full study here.

So, if you have massage, or massage yourself after working long hours in front of computers, or in front of steering wheels, or any activity that requires certain muscles work rather harder than the other muscles, the chances you get any postural related pains would be almost gone. Isn’t massage just a wonderful thing! Healing both our body and soul!

So, basically, if you think you sit, lie, or stand in one position for many hours, you need to do something to show gratitude for your hard working muscles, otherwise, one day they will get pretty upset and show you what happens if you ignore things. By “something”, I mean Las Vegas asian massage, or really, sauna, or yoga or anything that’ll relax your muscles.

For my next post, I will give you some tips on how to avoid muscle straining when you are working on “hi-tech” devices. The tips are really commonsensical, but the things we just don’t simply consider doing.

That’s it for now, and have a wonderful day in Las Vegas!