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Las Vegas Sensual Massage – Why is it the Best Massage out there

A heightened sense of touch is tremendously essential for relaxation and sexuality. Las Vegas sensual massage is a delightful way to incorporate the sense of loving touch into sexual energy. Massage is used all over the world and it is ideal if the giver and the recipient are couples. Giving sensual massages to each other is a great means to improve both romantic and sexual life. But, sensual massage has far more than just a sexual side as it gives tons of health benefits to the recipient.

las vegas sensual massage

What is Las Vegas sensual massage?

The origin of sensual massage dates back to 200 AD. Indians and the Chinese first started practicing it to improve both spiritual and physical well-being. Then it widespread throughout whole Eastern cultures. By that time, the western world would utilized massage therapy only for medical and healing purposes. Not for spiritual and sensual purposes. It has been gaining popularity in western countries for a greater sense of relaxation.

As for Las Vegas sensual massage, the therapist uses both hands and body to excite the sense of touch of the recipient. It relaxes the recipient to the fullest and he or she will feel that their sexual energy is awakening on a different level. When couples give sensual messages to each other, it makes their emotional bond stronger, and lovemaking is improved as well.

What do you need for a sensual massage?

The therapist uses tools that incorporate different sensations into the massage. First of all, they use special unscented and tasteless gel instead of body oil as it gives a cool and silk-like feeling to the recipient. Also, a scented candle is always the icing on the cake as it both relaxes and stimulates the recipient. Couples use items with different materials to increase the sensation. This could include feathers, velvet, and different kinds of clothes.

Benefits of Las Vegas sensual massage

Sensual massage improves blood flow all across the body. It also reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body and increases “feel good” hormones that leave you feeling loved, cared for, and bonded. Regular massage has similar benefits, but the positive psychological effect of sensual massage is far more significant that the old Swedish massage.

Las Vegas sensual massage is a healthy and sexy experience that can boost both your physical and mental well-being.