Facial Massage

Facial Massage Techniques for Plumper Complexion

Facial Massage – Forever young!

We at Lovetess believe in offering great customer service. No matter the type of massage the customer asks for, we try to provide great satisfaction. Facial Massage offered by Lovetess is very famous in Las Vegas massage. We know how to keep the customer happy.

Today we will share some effective facial massage techniques that we offer:-

Using each of the five-finger cushions press immovably against your cheeks and make five moderate loops towards your nose. At that point, invert, and make five moderate loops towards your ears.

Amplified: Taking one cheek at once, utilizes the center of three fingers to stroke from the corner of your mouth to your sanctuary. As one hand achieves the sanctuary, begin the following stroke with your other hand for smoothness. Rehash for 30 seconds.


Using your finger cushions, make five moderate clockwise rings on the brow to discharge muscle strain. At that point, rehash in a clockwise course.

Amplified: Create a V-shape with the list and center finger of both hands, and then slide them well and done with one another as you traverse the brow. Rehash for 30 seconds.

Flatten your hands like an oar, and stroke the structure from the bottom of the neck up to the jaw. Begin on the left half of the neck and move around to the right.

Amplified: Using both hands, massage from underneath your jaw to your jawbone. Begin on the left half of the neck and move around to the right side.

At Lovetess, we even visit the customers at their hotels. So, if you are tired or lazy to get out of bed, just give us a call for a facial massage and we will be there! We will make sure that your skin is thoroughly cleaned and nourished to the core.

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