OutCall Massage in Las Vegas

Equipment to carry for while going For Outcall Massage in las vegas

OutCall Massage in Las Vegas.

OutCall massage in las vegas appointments is more hassle than the in-call ones. For our call, the masseuse has to carry all the equipment with them, to whatever location they are called at. OutCall massages in Las Vegas pay more than the in-call ones but the hassle to carry and forgetting some items is a big problem. Let us say many a time I have forgotten the oil that the client has asked for, many clients need special oil and instead of it, I carry regular oil.

In addition, carrying such equipment at the client’s place and then going up and down the stairs to carry them make you feel tired, and by the time of massage, my energy level is already low. Outcall massage in las vegas is a good facility and more convenient for any client. However, carting the equipment for one client to another is a tiring process.

Here listed are some of the items that can help make carrying equipment for OutCall massage in Las Vegas an easy process. The first thing to start with is to buy the rolling table cart. Carrying the massage table with you all the time and other equipment is not easy, some of them come heavy, and so a cart can go a long way.


Have a single bag for all the essential suppliers (oil, towels ETC). Also, make a list of the essential item you need during their session, and CHECK them before leaving.

Go for a lightweight aluminum table. They are easier to sorry compared to wooden tables

If you are doing both outcall massages in las vegas and in-call massages, have separate items for both of them. The reason is you might forget to put the oil in the outcall bag before leaving the office.

To make the outcall visits more productive and make the client happy, consider hot stones, scented candles, and an oil warmer. They sure do work.

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