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In hotel room massage Vacation in Las Vegas means going crazy. Gambling, indulge in binge drinking, partying hard, crazy dance in clubs, you name it, Vegas offers you. After such hardcore parties and drinks, one might need a day or two to relax and get the body in its natural state. And in such instance in hotel room massage can be a very good option.

In Las Vegas, services like LoveTess in room massage offers some of the best massage, that cannot only make you relax, but help you relieve stress and walk out feeling all relaxed and recovered. The reason why the services from us are different than others is because of the unique massage and service.


In hotel room massage by TessIf you are too lazy to walk out of your hotel room for a massage, fret not. The services of LoveTess are right at your disposal. The in hotel room massage offered by us are one of its kind and they guarantee stress free and relaxed outcome of the services.

Now you must wonder, why hire the services of LoveTess, when the hotel offers massage services. Well, the prime reason, if money. The services from us are very affordable compared to the services of the hotel spa. Moreover, Tess brings all the necessary stuff that is needed, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy. The other part that makes our  massage services stand out is the types of massage offered. From deep tissue massage to relaxing Nuru massage, Tess is a pro at all of them. The base prices are very affordable and as low as $300. You can tip if you want, but a massage in your room and that to at such price. Now that is something completely worth it.

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