small business

Owning a small business is always a challenge. With the use of Social Media, a company’s reputation can easily be besmirched by one negative comment.

Hello. My name is Tess. Over the last 15 years I have built this company. I take great pride and joy in helping everyone in Las Vegas to relax and feel better. Our company is always rated among the best Theraputic Outcall companies, year after year.
I wanted to take this opportunity to explain what happened, what went wrong, and how we plan to remedy this situation.
All of our independent contractors are fully licensed as Massage Therapists by Clark County and the State of Nevada. In addition, we put all of our people through our own background check, an intensive course of study and customer relations.

1: Our Therapists in this small business are directed to never ask for tips from a Couples Massage. Tips are greatly appreciated, as we strive to provide our workers with fair compensation for their efforts.
2: However, our Therapist made a mistake and asked for a tip. She has been replaced and our Training Manual has been updated to reflect our emphasis on this practice.
3: Moving forward, we will strive to improve our customer service. It is our goal to make every couple coming to Las Vegas happy and satisfied!

If at any point during your massage you feel uncomfortable or unsure of payments or have any problem, please call us so that we have a chance to remedy the situation.

We are always trying to improve our customer service to make every client happy and satisfied.
We ask you to please understand that we service the entire Las Vegas area. We come directly to you, 24/7 usually within 1 hour or less. We hope you can understand that tipping is a crucial part of our business. Please understand that our Masseuses and Masseurs are fighting traffic, paying for parking and gas and trying to get to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding and your tips are graciously accepted!….

With all my love, Tess


small business