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Heart Massage Las Vegas – Healthy heart Happy life!

Heart massage Las Vegas is one of the most demanded services among our clients. Sadly, around 610 thousand Americans die from heart failure every year. That is one of every four deaths. In United States someone has heart attack in every 43 seconds and in every one minute one person dies from heart disease. Considering that heart disease is the number one cause of death for both women and men in the States, everyone should do their best to make sure that your most vital and hard working organ is at its top condition.

heart massage las vegas

Your diet, lifestyle, stress level, and genes have everything to do with your heart health. So, what can massage do for your heart?

Touch is a wonderful healer. If the heart massage Las Vegas is done by a certified and skilled professional therapist, it can tremendously reduce your stress level while boosting your feeling of energy and happiness. Great massage arouses the nerve endings in the skin and promotes the production of the happy hormones. Those happy hormones in turn reduce the stress hormones. With the help of massage your blood flow becomes more balanced which results in lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means slower heart rate, healthy rate. Study has shown that if one have massage at least twice a week, the risk of having cardiac arrhythmias, the inability of heart to pump enough blood to brain and other organs, becomes much low.

Another study shows that massage helps the body maintain optimum blood pressure which reduces the risk of having heart attack. The massage releases contracted muscles and pushes the blood to heart, making it easier for the heart to do its job. So, basically, heart massage Las Vegas can be used instead of pills and drugs and act as a natural healer, heart engine.

Another study carried out in LA shows that massage reduces the chance of heart failure, spasms, and pain after having heart surgery.

During heart massage Las Vegas, the therapists will not only massage around your chest. The main purpose of the massage would be promoting your entire blood circulation. It is done by therapist using her fingers and hands to clear the way for blood to flow freely in your muscles, to your vital organs. Also the improved blood circulation brings more fundamental nutrients and oxygen to your body.

Also, heart massage Las Vegas and lymph drainage massage are greatly recommended for someone who doesn’t do regular exercise. Having professional massage twice a week is both pleasant and healthy way to keep your blood circulation going at its top speed and steering away from any heart disease.