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Massage Las Vegas Strip – Lymph Drainage

Massage Las Vegas Strip – Lymph Drainage – Detoxification

One of the great offers of Tess’s massage Las Vegas Strip is the lymph drainage massage. Naturally, the lymphatic system is here to detox the metabolic waste from the body. But, air pollution, genetically modified food, hard water, etc cause a great amount of accumulation of waste products in the body.  Which is too much for a lymphatic system to wash them out naturally. So, these toxins stay in our bodies longer and cause us to feel low energy, fatigue, depression, etc. Now, here the massage Las Vegas strips drainage session comes in. It accelerates the detoxification process by stimulating lymph nodes, the small swellings in the lymphatic system where lymph is filtered, by using various kinds of techniques.

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It would be more efficient to have the drainage session regularly. At least once a week. But, incorporating the drainage techniques with regular therapeutic massage would cause nausea and headache. So it’s always better to have the drainage session separately.

The drainage session does not only help you feel energetic and light. It boosts up immune system significantly. A regular lymph drainage program has been proven to be super effective in preventing infections and diseases.

Lymphatic Flow – Massage Las Vegas Strip

When we perform acceleration of the drainage we must know how it works and use certain techniques. The important things to consider are:

  1. Most of the lymphatic vessels are between skeletal muscles. When we move, the muscles contract and it pushes the lymph along.
  2. Arteries and veins also help the lymph to flow.

How it is done – Massage Las Vegas Strip

The total time of the session is about forty-five minutes to fifty minutes. The session could be done with the client wearing clothes or draped. But for lymph drainage, it’s always better done without much clothing. The therapist uses very light pressure throughout the session. If there’s too much pressure the lymph would not be able to flow freely. Massage Las Vegas Strips therapist works on major lymph nodes in your body to accelerate the flow. It’s quite a pleasant experience. Most clients usually fall asleep, and when the session is complete you can feel the result immediately!

If you have no time to have Massage Las Vegas Strip drainage massage, check out this self-massage technique!