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Asian Massage Las Vegas Therapy

Asian Massage Las Vegas Therapy as a Healing Art.

Asian Massage Therapy is one of the most healing arts still we use today. Chinese, Egyptians, Hindu and Persian all used healing asian massage as a treatment for a variety of ailments. The Greek physicians referred to as the father of medicine thousands years ago.

Today we know the benefits of modern Asian Massage Las Vegas to be reached and varied. This is widely accepted part of many rehabilitation programs and has also been shown to benefits other area like:

  • healing lower back pain
  • reducing arthritis pain
  • aiding recovery from fatigue (mental and physical)
  • reducing high blood pressure (through circulation)
  • helping with infertility problems
  • reducing depression and stress

Relaxing Asian Massage Las Vegas Therapy is a proven stress reliever and its benefit cannot be discounted. Some hospitals  are employing on site physiotherapists and even health spas  in recognition of the healing benefits of Massage and relaxation.

One of the common objections to healing Asian Massage Las Vegas is that it is a self indulgent pampering treat! If I came to you and offered you a miracle drug that reduced stress guaranteed better night sleep. Improved concentration , energy and productivity. Enhanced recovery from many medical conditions. Would you not take it on the basis that it taste sweet?

The other big objection to Asian Massage Las Vegas  is the cost of seeing a professional Massage therapist. But I highly recommend you give yourself  a treat and see a professional Certified Massage therapist for you massage.

Base rate is 300$/ 1 hour. Please Call to book :  (702)366-4911