trigger point massage by Tess las vegas

Trigger Point Massage by Tess

Trigger Point Massage by Tess Therapy can stretch and relax your knots to deactivate the contracted muscle fibers.

 As early as the first session, the customers can already experience a significant reduction of pain and other symptoms. Regular sports massage and other techniques used in Trigger Point Massage by Tess further amplify its pain relieving benefits, especially for the most stubborn conditions. 

Trigger point, as its name implies, is a specific point in the muscle that causes or refers pain in another part or multiple parts of the body. For instance, a trigger point located in the neck may be the source of constant headaches or even toothaches.

Neck pain, on the other hand, may be“referred” from a trigger point in your back. In some situations, you may also be feeling pain in the trigger point itself, but mostly the pain occurs in the referral points in more than 70 percent of cases.

– They occur in the form of knots or tight bands in the muscle, and are tender to the touch.

– Applying pressure on a trigger point can make the pain on both the location and the referral areas more intense.

– Trigger points cause not only pain but also other symptoms including weak muscles. Limited mobility, excessive sweating, dizziness, loss of coordination, fatigue, urinary problems and incontinence.

Studies have shown that muscle trigger points can occur without any obvious reasons. They can simply appear as a natural part of the muscle.

Trigger points can likewise develop due to acute or repetitive trauma to the muscle, sedentary lifestyles, joint problems, sleep problems, vitamin/nutritional deficiencies, and muscular overload, among others.

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