reflexology by Tess las vegas

Reflexology by Tess

Reflexology by Tess  and its Healing Power.

Reflexology by Tess Las Vegas is a treatment that has so much power. This non-intrusive and complementary method has the ultimate goal on improving the energy flow on your body. Why? Your body holds amazing healing energy. When you increase its flow, it helps you heal. Reflexology increases energy flow by stimulating nerves and encouraging blood flow through body reflexes located at certain body parts, typically your feet.

Once we locate the imbalance or issue, we can start working on distributing that amazing healing energy you possess through the reflex to aid your relaxation. The wonderful thing about reflexology is not only for healing but it also allows you to experience the benefits of a massage as well like increased circulation and relieve muscle tension. This holistic method has even helped stroke victims regain feeling.

At Reflexology by Tess Las Vegas  we strive to provide you with secure treatments for your relaxation, stress management, pain relief and more. Our therapies and practices gravitate towards offering solutions that correspond to your personal health issues and aid you heal. Experience the benefits of reflexology with our 30 minute sessions! Schedule your appointment today.

Your Foot, A Map to the Body.

The foot is divided into different reflex zones that provide an image of the body. The map starts at your toes, this represents your head, neck and sinuses of the body. Following we have the ball of the foot representing the chest, lungs and upper back. Moving towards the arc of the foot we have the corresponding reflexes to the internal organs and finally the heel which represents the lower parts of the digestive system. 

This system is not only present on the foot but on other parts as well such as the hands, lower legs, face or ears; which can provide the same benefits as on the foot.

This map is what allows us to understand which areas need healing. Typical indicators of ailments are stress cues. Calluses on the feet can also help determine where stress is occurring or if you have low adrenal hormones.

Stimulation on different body reflexes can treat certain issues as well. For example, the adrenal gland reflex, the solar plexus reflex and the diaphragm line are great to focus on for stress management. There is also a stress pattern on the heel and breaking it can relieve stress. Back pain, sinus congestion and digestive problems can also be attended with reflexology. If you wish to obtain all these amazing benefits, try out reflexology  by Tess Las Vegas.
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